What You WILL and MAY Find Here

Hello, Friends, it’s good to see you!

Welcome to the world of the Hawk, or, as we like to refer to it, Hawks Hollow, or, the Holler.

Being a fellow that was raised in a bunch of different cities in Texas, I have lived all over the United States, spent seven years in Germany and have traveled all over Austria and Lichtenstein.  I’ve been over the continental divide more times than I can count, been stuck in ice storms in Iowa, snow storms in Utah, seen tornadoes in Oklahoma, and driven through some really wicked thunderstorms in Tennessee.

I have owned service businesses, brick and mortar gift stores, and been on line since 1986.  A have served our country as a enlisted member of the U.S. Army, as a non-commissioned officer, and as a commissioned officer after being selected for Officer Candidate  School.  I have served multiple organizations in the capacity of manager – sometimes as ‘THE’ boss, sometimes as ‘the 2d’, and sometimes as the flunky. But all of these have given me a very well rounded basis for both my opinions and what types of products, services to offer you, our guest.

You WILL see some controversial commentary, as well as some non-controversial prose. You WILL see products from a wide variety of suppliers, as well as some well-vetted home based business opportunities.  You WILL see advertising sources to utilize for your own business ventures, and you WILL see this site evolve as new ideas are implemented and presented.


Please contact us with your thoughts and let us know how we are doing. As with ANY business, we need feedback from our visitors in order to improve.

Thank you for your time and we must say that, for now at least, that’s how it’s seen From the Eyes of the Hawk.

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