Our Approach

Our Philosophy

After three decades of working with computer to computer sales, advertising, and communications, we believe that...

  • There is no such thing as overnight riches (unless, like Jed Clampett, you miss your shot at the deer and have oil gush out of your property)
  • Everyone deserves good products at reasonable prices
  • We all have an opinion, and just because your opinion is different than mine does not mean that we have to become hostile toward each other.  Free speech IS the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  • Just as a brick and mortar shopping district will have all sorts of different business models with different types of products and services available to the buying public, Hawks-Hollow will have myriad offerings - so browse around, read the blog, and come back often.

Our Story

Our Story

In 1986, with 4 kilobytes of memory, a 5.25 inch disc drive and a 300 bit per second modem, the initial spark of this site was ignited.  From running an RBBS/TBBS (Remote Bulletin Board System/The Bulletin Board System) based site with single user capability and packet based, synchronized messaging to todays' World Wide Web, social media, and instantaneous email, we have been in front of, in the middle of, and left behind of the digital business explosion.  Initially known as "Hawk's Lair BBS", we offered users in Lawton, Oklahoma the first on-line yellow pages, our first "Blog", which we called 'One Man's Opinion',  and text-based role playing games.

As technology sped up, so did we, moving to a 16-bit cpu, a 2400 bps modem, and simple graphic based games when we moved the BBS to Aberdeen, Washington in 1988.  As technological advances began to leap frog us, we opened shop on eBay (tm) when it first appeared on the new internet, and have had a business account with PayPal (tm) since they started as X.com.

We have seen the rise and crash of the dot com days, the multitude of scam artists that still proliferate the internet, and the rise of numerous small, enterprising businesses that try to eek out an existence in the ever crowded digital world.  Just as the mythological Phoenix rose from its' burned ashes to fly again, Hawks Hollow has stormed back to life to offer our visitors a variety of products and services.

We hope that you find the idea intriguing, the opinions to be food for thought, and products and services that can be of use to you, your friends, and your business associates.

Thank you for letting us tell you our story.

Meet the Madman

The  main  driving  force  behind  our  company  and  site  is  the  one known  as  "The Hawk".    Also known  as  C E Cook,  he  is  the  CEO of Hawks Hollow Holdings LLC


"The Hawk"

Founder & CEO

Having been introduced to computers with the IBM 100 in 1968, Hawk is a U.S. Army veteran who believes that everyone should be able to follow their dreams without being subject to bogus claims.  He has spent years filtering out the real, workable plans from the bogus scams available to the average person on-line.


Hawks Hollow Holdings LLC


Dani Danali

Head of Security

"Dani" is around 63 years old, but can still outrun just about everything in the holler - except maybe the deer.

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