What Is Going On With The World?

We all remember the news about UC-Berkley riots when a conservative speaker was on campus not long ago. The liberal, left-wing demonstrators turned rioters threw rocks, bricks and Molotov cocktails while battling with security personnel because they did not want to have a conservative speaker on ‘their’ campus.

Again at Berkley, another conservative speaker is contracted to speak this week and more left-wing radicals post signs threatening violence if she indeed speaks as scheduled. So, the school officials cancel the speech, stating that they can not guarantee the safety of the speaker and her entourage. WHAT? They then change the date and venue, again in the name of security and safety. The only problem is – school is not in session on this proposed date.

What has happened to the First Amendment to our Constitution? The right to free speech does not mean that one only has the right to speak if you agree with them. Neither I nor the millions of other veterans of our armed forces did not defend our country so that a few loud mouths could squash our constitutional rights. I have heard many speakers that I do not agree with, but I have never done anything that would stop them from speaking – I just left. If I don’t agree, I don’t have to listen.

Then there was a headline yesterday, the 24th, that tied some things together and made me write this post to help others connect the dots. Fox News headline states, “French presidential election: Leftist protesters grow violent after results come in.” It seems that after the French election, “anti-fascist” demonstrators in Paris became violent and hurled glass bottles and firecrackers and set cars ablaze.

This was all because the two winning the most votes were a far right party leader and a centrist. It seems France, like the United States, has tired of the left wing policies of old. If the left does not like the results of a particular election, then they should quit trying to take over privacy and redistributing wealth.

I believe that the opposition to the conservative movement in the world in being fueled by those that are entrenched in Socialist ideals. Those that believe that the world owes them everything – free housing, free food, free tuition, free medical. They fail to follow the chain all the way out. SOMEBODY has to pay – there are salaries to pay, products to be bought, equipment that has to be bought.

There was an experiment in Russia/Asia for 70+ years in the 20th century called the Soviet Union. Prior to the Bolshevik revolution, there was a meeting of a number of the members of the Bolshevik (minority) party with a man named Karl Marx. And HIS philosophy has been the basis for what we now call Socialism. Marxism is known as “From each according to ability, To each according to need.”

That experiment failed and I, for one, wish that this distinction between the socialist left and the capitalist right was correctly taught in our institutes of learning. Then, we might not see this type of political unrest in the world.