What Happened to Respect and Common Decency?

Ok, So the Democrats aren’t happy with the outcome of the Presidential election – I get that. They are disappointed that their goal of global gun control, a worldwide government with total socialist economics was disrupted after Barrack Obama worked so hard to achieve those goals through his continuous by-passing of the constitutional process of checks and balances.

But, come on folks! The election is OVER! Get over yourselves! Let the President do what the President was elected to do – LEAD. The Republicans hold a majority in both houses of Congress and the White House. And we STILL are not getting anything done. Quit pandering to the lobbyists…Quit bowing down to peer pressure from the Democrats…Quit quivering in your boots because the special interests threaten to quit giving you thousands of dollars, or, shock, worse yet – to give thousands of dollars to your opponents.

And THEN! You have the Presidents’ former opponent stating that she is now part of the RESISTANCE!! What is this? World War II and France? The RESISTANCE??? REALLY??!! What happened to pulling together for a common goal? What happened to the common decency of Statesmanship?

It sounds to this observer like there are a bunch of little children throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way. And they have somehow managed to pay off, or threaten, or something – the news organizations of the country so that the “NEWS” is not news, but rather it is nothing more than left wing rhetoric and baloney.

A news story comes out that our President has released classified information to the Russians, yet ALL of the principle participants in the meeting have come out and said that no such thing happened – that the ‘news’ story is untrue…fabricated…dishonest. Yet it persists to pervade our eyes and ears on the mainstream news outlets.

I have found that I get a much better understanding – and true rendering – of what is happening by listening to certain syndicated talk radio hosts. I get to hear readings of ‘news’paper articles, playbacks of other ‘news’ outlet talking points, and the hosts’ response, opinion, outburst, etc. and then make my own opinion. And I find that I usually, but not always, agree with their conclusions/opinions.

On my way home tonight, I was listening to one of those talk radio shows, and heard a very astonishing announcement. That the President, on his upcoming trip to the Middle East, is supposedly going to discuss with the leader of Saudi Arabia the formation of a new Arab Treaty Organization to which we, the United States, would supposedly sell BILLIONS of dollars worth of armaments over the next decade.

These armaments would include warships, missile defense, missiles, armored personnel carriers, and other weaponry. The deal would also include provisions for much of this weaponry to be produced in Saudi Arabia, vastly increasing their military-industrial complex.

It seems to me that this just might upset our CLOSEST ally in the region – Israel. I just don’t see the Israeli government taking a acquiescent approach to such a deal. President Trump has said numerous times, during his campaign and after his inauguration that the United States would stand steadfastly beside the Nation of Israel. This just does not sound like the kind of deal that follows that direction of support.

If you agree, please write your members of Congress and strongly express your dissatisfaction with ANY sort of deal that puts the Israeli people at any more of a risk of assault than they already are.

At least that’s how it looks….Thru The Eyes of The Hawk