Much To Comment On…..

Let’s see now, we have an ISIS attack at a concert in Manchester, England right at two weeks ago and we have a new terror attack in London carried out last night, London time, by at least three deceased attackers with twelve arrests made Sunday morning. These events are horrendous, and it is inexcusable that civilized, humane societies are not raising a bigger clamor about them than they are.

This commentator is astounded by the lackadaisical attitude taken by so many governments around the world. I was living in Germany during the reign of terror caused by the Baader-Meinhof terror group, AKA The Red Army Faction. During that time period, the West German government – for those too young to remember, Germany was still a divided country at the time – went full out to find and eliminate this group. Although it took many years to squelch the so-called ‘revolution’, the government was successful.

Before the success, there were numerous bombs placed under cars – many of which were on American Army and Air Force bases and many more gun battles and deaths among members of the terror group and the West German Police. My families’ first introduction to the German Police was on a trip to the town of Aschaufenburg and there was a line of 9 or 10 police stretched across the highway with Uzi machine guns at the ready due to intel that members of the RAF were traveling the route.

Why today’s German government does not put forth a more concentrated, robust effort toward eliminating this scourge to humanity is beyond comprehension. ALTHOUGH, out of fairness, we have not heard of a lot of terror attacks in Germany as of late.

Enough of Germany, however. It certainly was good to hear Prime Minister May say that it was time to eliminate the extremism in the UK. As these attacks become more frequent, the peace loving countries are realizing that ‘leading from behind’ is not the correct answer to the on-going threat. This conflict started years ago, and whether you like it or not, former President George W. Bush correctly stated that we were at war with the terrorists and that we must take the fight to them.

If you are of the belief that you are safe at home, that it will never happen to you, that it was ‘over there’, then you fail to pay attention to those horrific events that have happened right here in America.

Fort Hood, Texas, San Bernadino, California, Chatanooga, Tennessee, Boston, Massachusetts, Orlando, Florida – who can tell where or when the next attack may come. One thing is certain, however, and that is the fact that we can not let down our guard. We must be vigilant, alert, and prepared. Failure on our collective parts to do these things leaves us open to more killings and distress. As American citizens, we have an obligation and a duty to help protect ourselves and our neighbors from the onslaught of both foreign and home grown terrorist activities.

I took an oath to ‘uphold and defend the constitution of the Unites States against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic.” So did every other veteran of every service. To look the other way, to ignore the obvious is unconscionable and an open invitation to have those who wish to instill their way of life on us to have their way. That is not an option. We the People elected President Trump by way of the electoral college and We the People have an obligation to allow him to do that for which we elected him – to protect the United States from this latest attack from abroad.

At least, that’s how it looks….From the Eyes of The Hawk