It’s Been A While – But, So Much Has Happened

I apologize to all of my readers for not having posted in a while. And, I won’t bore you with the whys and all of that junk. Let’s just say that I am sorry that it has been a bit since The Hawk Squawked.

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Now that you’ve gotten the lead in…………………….

A Bernie Sanders supporter goes haywire and starts shooting up Congressmen, police officers are shot and killed, another night club shooting – WHAT is going on in America? Oh, and let’s not leave out the teenagers burglarizing and stealing cars. Have we allowed our morals to drop so low that these things are considered NORMAL? Let’s see, since I was a kid I’ve seen things change so very much.

I remember in elementary school – back then that was grades 1 through 6 – a friend of mine offered to sell me a little transistor radio for 50 cents. Now mind you, back then fifty cents was a lot of money for a 4th or 5th grader. But, I bought it from him. Next thing I knew, that evening he and his mother were at my house. Seems he had stolen the radio. I got a lecture about being suspicious of ‘good deals’, but my friend got a lashing by his mother that I haven’t forgotten about some fifty plus years later. And he didn’t steal any more.

When television was in its’ beginning years, we had shows like ‘Father Knows Best’, ‘My Three Sons’, ‘The Donna Reed Show’, ‘Gunsmoke’, ‘The Lone Ranger’, ‘Bonanza’ – all shows with a strong family tie and good Christian values. Now, don’t get me wrong. All faith based religions have ‘GOOD’ and ‘DECENCY’ as their moral base, so I am not biasing this against Judism, Budahism, Hinduism, or Muslim. I am merely stating the fact that these shows were based on Christian values of family, good deeds, and right vs. wrong.

We don’t have much of that anymore. Children often grow up in single parent homes and do not get the balanced perspective that two parent families provide. Often, due to circumstances that are really beyond control, these youngsters run the streets and end up in gangs – simply because they want to “belong” to and with something/someone.

When I was a child, we went to Church on Sunday. The stores were closed. We would be lucky to find a gas station open on Sunday. We had ‘blue laws’ that limited what business could be done on Sunday. The Boy Scouts were a much larger influence then than they are today, although that organization is still helping to mold young men into strong, caring adults. I am proud to say that my grandson is an Eagle Scout – and a fine young man (of course, I am somewhat jaded).

Now, those of you that read my posts are by now very cognizant of the fact that I am a very conservative leaning thinker. But there was a saying a few years back, by a person that I don’t care much for today, that does have a very true meaning. It takes a village to raise a child.

And it takes a village to heal a nation. If you see something wrong, say something, do something. Don’t just let it happen. If you hear someone spouting hate – interrupt them. If you hear or see someone threatening the safety or well being of another, get involved. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way, but in today’s world of constant, instant connectivity it is not that hard to get involved.

At least that’s how I see it….From the Eyes of the Hawk