A Salute to OUR President

I’ve been toying with multiple ideas of where I wanted to start this blog and finally I decided to just lay it all out there.  As a veteran who served under Presidents Ford, Carter and Reagan, I saw good and bad decisions, high and low military morale, and both united and divided Congresses, but I have never seen a more disruptive and impolite congress as the one that we currently have.

No matter your political leanings, it is not difficult to see the absolutely poor shape that our country is in after  8 years of misdirection under a “populist”, extremely left wing President.  The mere fact that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria would gas innocent men, women , and children in his own country with no thought of remorse or fear of reprisal from America is proof of a failed foreign policy under President Trumps’ predecessor.

The Presidents’ response on Thursday night was appropriate and proportionate to the Syrian WMD attack, which, of course, they no longer had (wink, wink) according to the prior administration.  The only negative responses which I have heard of from world leaders were those from Syria (shock), Russia (shock), and Iran (shock). China, according to CNN, opposed the strike, stating that it would desire a political resolution to the Syrian matter. After reading the response from the Chinese Foreign Minister, I would say that it was of a more ‘neutral’ tone, especially considering that the President of China was sitting with the  President of the United States at the time of the strike.

In closing, I would just like to add my vote of support for the actions of OUR President in this matter. I would also like to echo the remarks of a number of syndicated talk show hosts when I say that this action not only sent a message to President Assad, but also to the North Korean dictator, the Iranian regime, President Putin, and the Chinese that the United States is no longer going to sit back and let those that openly disregard human life, international borders, and long standing treaties run amuck.

At least, that’s how it’s seen From the Eyes of the Hawk.